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Many of us have seen people die of heart attack at a very early age, but none of us has really wondered why a normally healthy person dies of a heart attack. It is not just about a heart attack but all the heart-related problems. If it only happened to old people, it would be understandable. But what about the young ones? According to recent research, many healthy people who had no history of heart diseases or any other chronic illness had heart attacks. The answer to this curiosity has always remained unclear for all of us. Adam Glass, the founder of CardioClear 7, has solved this mystery and offered us the best remedy as well, i.e, CardioClear 7.

What is the mystery all about?

Adam says that it is all about mitochondria. As we start to age, the number of these begin to decline in our body. As mitochondria start to mutate, our cells come under attack from toxins, stress and free radicals. This makes you feel tired always. As time passes by, it turns into Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). And…. Boom! Heart diseases! 1 out of 20 people suffers from mitochondria dysfunction. Like any other organ, the heart-muscles grow when overworked and then the heart takes on excess fluid straining itself even more. This situation is a very dangerous yet common one. Even an increase in LDL (Low-density Lipoprotein), which is bad cholesterol, can harm your heart.

It is definitely not fair for a healthy person to die at an early age. Some people are fit even in their 50s or 60s, but they still suffer from such diseases. At first, Adam just thought of sharing this life-saving information with the people. However, soon he realised that not everyone will be able to find a cure. He researched with his fellow colleagues and found out that the CSP components: CoQ10, Shilajit and PQQ could solve this problem. He mixed these components and after years of trial and error, he did it! Adam found CardioClear 7, which is now saving the lives of millions.

What is Cardio Clear 7?

Adam has proven that the CSP components: Shilajit, CoQ10 and PQQ are the best for our heart’s health. These are the antioxidants that help our mitochondria grow and work well in each and every cell of our body. Each of the CSP components is hard to find in individual food substances, hence Adam combined them all and created CardioClear 7.

  • PQQ component creates fresh NEW mitochondria in the cells.
  • CoQ10 fuels them by converting them into energy.
  • And, Shilajit stuffs more CoQ10 into every cell.

CoQ10 is usually found everywhere, but the quality, as well as the quality of CoQ10, consumed matters a lot. Shilajit was found when very long ago people saw white monkeys chewing on tar. It has 85 different minerals and oils that can keep your heart fit and fine for a decade. And, PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone) is very rare and it is very important to consume only the best quality. If we try to get the CSP components from different food substances, we have to be sure that they’re of the best quality. Also, the quantity matters. It is too much of a hassle! Rather, Adam suggests everyone have CardioClear 7 which is a complete package for human-heart-health.

What does Cardio Clear 7 do?

Within hours of consuming CardioClear 7, the PQQ starts building more mitochondria and your CoQ10 levels increase. And, Shilajit kicks the whole process into high gear.

  • Soon, your mental fog will start to lift
  • You will start feeling energetic
  • You won’t feel lethargic
  • You will be able to work out harder
  • Your blood pressure will be healthy
  • Your cholesterol will be in control too.

Many people say that right after the first day of consuming CardioClear 7, they feel a change. People report that they can think logically and clearly. Often when a person suffers from heart diseases, their brains become fogged. CardioClear 7 works very well on brain function. Thousands of people said that their blood pressure, cholesterol levels and other body functions started becoming normal. And, the best part, every customer has a success story. It is extremely effective and helps one overcome any heart disease.

cardio clear 7 review

Let us see what the customers have said about it:

“When I take CardioClear7, I feel better, stronger during the day — even after a long sleepless night! I have a sense that my heart health is in better condition, without having to take super strong medication that would have some bad side effect.”
“About two to three weeks after I first started using it, I noticed more stamina and energy. I am able to work out harder. My heart feels stronger. My blood pressure is now healthy.”

“I started taking CardioClear7 on March 5. I had blood work done on March 18. Within that short period of time… My triglycerides went from 95 to 83, my total cholesterol went from 438 to 389, and my LDL dropped 350 to 316. I’ve tried other products but my cholesterol didn’t improve like this. I also have more energy and I am walking more.” Isn’t it definitely better than taking strong medicines for a lifetime? Also, these medicines have terrible side-effects! CardioClear 7 is a great remedy for all of us!

How much does cardio clear 7 cost?

For such a great dietary supplement, people would pay hundreds of dollars, but you’re lucky as Adam believes in saving lives and not robbing people. Here’s your offer:

  • 1 Bottle: The original cost of one bottle of CardioClear 7 is $99.95, but you can buy it today just for $49.95. Save $50.
  • 3 Bottles: The original cost of three bottles of CardioClear 7 is $299.85, but you can buy it today just for $119.95. Save $179.90.
  • 6 Bottles: Here, you buy four and you get two free! Instead of paying $599.70 for six bottles, you only have to pay $199.95 today. Save $399.75.

And, hey! Shipping is absolutely free. Besides, you have absolutely no risk! Adam offers a 365-days money-back guarantee. You can try this dietary supplement for a year, however, if you do not like the results, you can ask for a refund. No questions will be asked to you. You can send the empty bottles and get a complete refund.


  • Fast Action Bonus#1: ‘The Diabetes Loophole Book’ – $47
  • Fast Action Bonus#2: ‘Belly Fat Furnace’ – $97
  • Fast Action Bonus#3: ‘Conquering Chronic Pain Library’ – $177

Even if you ask for a refund, you can keep these bonuses.

cardio clear 7 Bonus


Cardio Clear 7, a dietary supplement, is an excellent way to stay fit forever. We’re so busy these days that we can’t always focus on what to eat and when to exercise. Often we skip our meals or eat way too much. Many health problems arise as we start to age. However, this excellent dietary supplement helps us fight off every health issue we’ve been facing. It protects the heart and brain too. Plus, the offer is too hard to resist. With no additives, fillers and side-effects, CardioClear 7 is the best supplement available in the market today.

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